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Jasa Kami

We are a company provide Import Export Services with Service Door to Door and Wholesale Services, Door to Port Services (Overseas agent) we did pick up and handling to Port Destination. Port to port where we set up The Best Rate for our customers. We are also working with some of the Shipping Line, Airline, Co Loader and Forwarders. Besides, we also develop business in which Courier Service for Export and Import in small quantities we use Courier. Our company serves a wide range of logistic services and transportation services.

By Road or Rail

By road with big trucking charter system Open Truck tub and Box Car, truck egkel, double, Fuso and train

By Sea

Overseas connections, From / To Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, the USA, Australia, Asia, and Africa

By Air

fast, reliable, worldwide All of ports abroad. With the service of Door or Port

Project Services

Solution delivery of comprehensive export and import for complex tasks

By Courier

We work with a courier service to the area closest to the JNE, TIKI and UPS

By Cargo

Courier or freight services that comprehensively as planned through Cargo