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  1. Customers who order online through our website, please pay attention to the amount of goods.
  2. Our prices include is the product price does not include postage. Goods will be delivered to the customer after the following payment confirmation has been received by the KAF
  3. Our Customer Service will contact the customer to confirm no later than 24 hours after the order is received 
  4. If at the same time, there are two customers who are interested in buying the same product, and the KAF has to confirm to the customer, then the product will be sold and delivered to the customer prior to transfer at once confirmation of payment.
  5. For delivery, we use TIKI JNE or POS INDONESIA regular rate, unless there are special requests from customers to use services more rates. Shipments abroad using KAF Logistics (the Middle East and China)
  6. For information regarding the method of payment, please click the Payment Method
  7. Customer's money are not refund if: the buyer declared consignment is not acceptable, but KAF joint delivery services already have evidence that the goods have been received in the form of a signature and the name of the recipient clear
  8. Keep proof of transfer or proof of deposit at any time if necessary
  9. For products in Price lowered can not be returned / exchanged / replaced. Products in this group of the same quality as our other products, and has been checked by our staff before being sent to your address. Item Price lowered We have provided for you, KAF customers with attractive price packages